Musicians Picnic 2024 - Is on!

  • Grateful Dead Tribute
  • John/Joe/Kent
  • RIP Joe M
  • Handsome
  • RIP J.L. / RIP Don D.

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We are definite for this Saturday August 3rd, Rain date Aug 4. If it's gonna be hot, humid, dress accordingly. We have cool rooms, water, fans, tarps, tents and more to make sure we're prepared for any type of weather event. There is also a pool so bring a bathing suit and a towel and take a swim.

Come enjoy and bring a friend! Don't forget to bring your own chair! 

Questions? Ask Cheryl or Call Gary at 860-280-8339 or John 860 539-2742 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WHERE: ( Backyard ) Park on Street - Handicap can park in driveway. ( though that's most of us now. :-) But park on the sides of the driveway as well. Just leave room for loading and unloading. 

John & Cheryl Pytel
76 Cirillo Dr.
Colchester, CT

WHEN: August 3rd, 2024

WE SETUP AROUND 10 A.M. Party around 1 p.m. -  Help us setup please, please, please! We're getting way too old to be lifting things. I transport equipment using my Lawn Tractor and trailer while smoking a cheap cigar. 

WHAT WE PROVIDE FOR FOOD: Hot Dogs / Hamburgers / Pulled Pork Parfait ( mac n cheese, beans, pork over corn bread ) / Chicken / Vegan Burgers / Side Dishes / ( There will be Vegan Sides, look for the "V" next to the dish) / Soda & Water / Tea / Coffee


POOL: We have an above ground pool you're welcome to use. Kids under 10 please watch if swimming. 

MUSIC EQUIPMENT: There will be a tented full stage available. Bass / Guitars / Drums / Keyboards / Percussion available if you need equipment.  Full sound system... My monitors are finally working good and I've got two new effects boxes. One for vocals and one for instruments.

WHY: This started long ago as a tribute to Gary G's Dad after his untimely death.  We honor all our love ones, family and friends who have passed on since that time so their love for music and celebration of life continues with our extended family and friends! Too many have past. over the last few years. We honor... J.L, Don Donegan, Joe Moreno, my mom, my dad, Fred Wallace, 


Hey CT Songwriter Members or any Singer/Songwriters, Poets, Comedians or extrovert folks that always wanted to play in or with a band or step up to the stage and perform. This is your venue! We have a large catalog of songs we can accompany you on or you can perform solo or with your own band. And we are a supportive group! This is not a CSA event but an invitation for CSA players to come join us.

24th Annual Musicans Picnic. A great way to spend a easy afternoon doing nothing or showcasing your talent in one of the best venues an artist can have!